Lemon:  It has special qualities which are beneficial for  the  heart. Its regular use makes the arteries flexible and soft and removes their hardness. Lemon is, therefore, very useful in treating high blood pressure. It keeps the heart strong till old age and there is no fear of heart failure. When there is restlessness and burning in the chest squeeze a lemon in cool water and drink. It will be very beneficial.
Pineapple :  It contains several juices which act as digestive enzymes. It use helps one to get rid of common heart ailments. Its sour elements expel the unnecessary substances  from the body  and give extra energy to the body.

Apple :  Eating  fresh apples or apple preserve for  15-20  days  is good treatment  for  debility and sinking  of hear.

Phalsa : (1)  For  heart  patients  Phalsa  juice mixed with water, ginger powder and sugar is beneficial .
     (2) Grind 10 gms. of ripe phalse,  5 corns of black pepper  and  a  pinch  of rock salt. Mix a cup water  and  a  little  lemon  juice.  Take this treatment   regularly for  a  few days.  It is good  for  a weak heart and palpitation . It increases the semen and give strength. It also has a cooling effect.

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